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The Simerson Family tree is available online!.

The Simerson family settled in the area around Cadillac, Michigan, USA in the early 1890s. We know that the US Simerson's eldest family (Lars Peder Simonsen, Johanne Dorthea Hansen, and their 4 boys Waldemar, Magnus, Hans, and Henry) filed emigration documents in Nykøbing, Denmark on April 11, 1891. They took an "Indirekt" (by way of some other major port in Europe) ship destined for "Cadillac, MICH."

There are no immigation records due to the Ellis Island fire of 15 June 1897. At some point after arrival in the USA, the family surname shifted from Simonsen to Simerson. Lars Peder became Peter, and Johanne became Hannah.

Six generations of Simerson's later still live in and around the Cadillac Michigan area.

Things to know:

1. For security and privacy, personal information for living persons is withheld. A password protected private tree is available.

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